We’d love to explain the “grunt” of it all.

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Why “Grunt Works”?

In case you haven’t figured it out, we call ourselves Grunt Works, Inc. because it’s what we do! All of that tedious, annoying work you’ve been avoiding is what we do all day long. So, when we say we understand keeping up with your business’s financials is difficult and overwhelming, we mean it. Fortunately, we actually enjoy the grunt of it all! When you’ve been doing something your whole life, it’s nice to meet a good challenge worth overcoming. And when it comes to your business, we believe any challenge is well worth it; that’s why we are here to help.

Our History

Basically, we’ve been doing this our whole lives. No, seriously. Owner Anna Elisa Baker started working for her father’s accounting practice as soon as she was able to press “Copy” on the Xerox machine. Once she learned to read, she was filing. Then, by the time she was in high school, she was fully integrated into the business and could do her job with a blindfold on. She even used the very first version of Quickbooks™ developed (we won’t tell you what year that was though, she might not like being dated publicly like that). So, naturally, when she was out of school and thinking about her future career, she decided to capitalize on what she does best, grunt work!

The Grunting Truth

We believe in a high level of integrity here. For that reason, we find it necessary to be 100% honest with our clients. So, truthfully speaking, keeping your books organized, paying your taxes on time, and tracking your expenses is integral (inevitable) to running a business. We know it may seem easier to ignore it, but we promise it’s worth your time and money to invest in great bookkeeping services. Don’t worry, you can sleep on it, we’ll be here in the morning!

The Founder

AnnaElisa Baker gruntworks bookkeepingBookkeeper and QuickBooks expert Anna Elisa Baker allows her clients to focus on their business while she tackles the books. As the founder of GruntWorks, Inc., she is ready to take on the tedious, annoying work you’ve been avoiding. Whether it’s frustrating and time-consuming, or intimidating and scary, Anna Elisa is happy to jump into the fray and make life a little easier. Anna Elisa offices at Orange Coworking and has a fantastic team around her. As a company, they focus their time and attention on each business’s specific bookkeeping and clerical needs, recognizing that each and every business has its own unique character. Their close attention to detail, open communication, and dedication allow her to create a bookkeeping program that is catered to the needs of each client.

Rolling our sleeves up in Austin, Texas since 2001.
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Unfortunately, Piggy Banks don’t track our expenses, pay our employees, or file our invoices. Before you take a hammer to it in frustration, give us a call!